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Is your dishwasher leaking water all over the floor? Have trouble with your refrigerator’s water line? Who do you call? The plumber or the appliance repairman? We’ll help you determine whether you need to call us here at Dayton Plumbing & Drain or if you should try to contact a repairer for appliance repair. It’s easy to confuse appliance repair and plumbing repair. After all, plenty of your appliances use water. If you see a leak, it’s likely your first thought will be to call a plumber. However, you can save time and confusion if you understand the difference between problems suitable for a plumber and problems suited for an appliance repair professional.

While garbage disposals are not present in every kitchen, they become a crucial tool for those with them! When a garbage disposal breaks, the kitchen becomes less efficient, and the disposal can clog. When your garbage disposal is broken, it’s time to call the experts from Dayton Plumbing & Drain. We keep our trucks stocked with common parts so that many repairs can be finished during our initial visit! Every team member is highly trained, licensed, and up to date with the latest garbage disposal units.

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Residential Dishwasher Troubleshooting for Homeowners in Dayton, OH

If your dishwasher isn’t properly working, there are several steps you can take to try fixing the problem. Those steps are outlined below:

  • First, check all the hoses, connections, and seals to ensure they are in good working order. Ensure everything is securely sealed and connected so water doesn’t leak out. If any components are damaged, you might need to replace them.
  • Secondly, make sure that your dishwasher is loaded properly and balanced. Unevenly stacked dishes can cause water to back up inside the unit, which can lead to damage. Ensure all your plates and bowls fit snugly and don’t overlap.
  • Next, you need to inspect the door gasket for any cracks or damage. If the gasket is damaged, it can create a gap that enables water to escape from the dishwasher. Replace the gasket if necessary.
  • Lastly, check the filters and spray arms for clogs or blockages. Make sure they are free of debris so that water circulates properly. Remove blockages and replace the filters and spray arms if needed.

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4 Common Major Appliance Repairs For Your Dayton, Ohio Home

Appliances help make our lives easier, but given their longer lifespans, it is likely you will run into a performance issue once or twice. Over the years, our appliance repair experts have been called to homes for this very reason and fixed countless refrigerators, stoves, dryers, dishwashers, and more.

Leaky Pipes


The main purpose of your refrigerator is to keep your food fresh and chilled for extended periods. However, it can become a problem if it starts leaking water and creating puddles on your kitchen floor. This not only inconveniences you but also increases the risk of slips and damage to your floor. Luckily, a leaking refrigerator is not the end of the world as it can be fixed. To determine the cause, consider the age of your fridge. On average, refrigerators typically last around 13 years, but this can vary depending on the model and purchase year. 

Dryer Services in Dayton, Ohio


Built-up lint inside dryer cabinets causes more than 15,000 fires every year. Dryer lint escapes through tiny gaps around the edges of the dryer drum and falls into the cabinet, especially when the exhaust vent or vent cap is clogged, and airflow is restricted. The lint can get ignited by electric heating elements, gas burners, or even a spark from the motor, and the flames then travel through the lint-lined exhaust vent. To make sure this doesn’t happen in your house, check the exhaust vent and the inside of the cabinet frequently.

Dishwasher Services in Dayton, Ohio


Standing water in your dishwasher is not what you want to see. At Dayton Plumbing & Drain, we understand the frustration of a dishwasher that no longer drains properly. During a normal wash cycle, the dirty water should drain through the connection beneath your sink.

Refrigerator Services in Dayton, Ohio


Typically, you can replace your refrigerator door gasket in three easy steps. A new gasket will help your refrigerator run more efficiently, which will save you money. So, replacing a worn-out gasket will pay for itself over time. 

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